Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm Sensitive

I inherited my mother's sensitive skin genes. My skin gets all blotchy when I get nervous starting on my chest and going up my neck. It's lovely for interviews. In the summertime I get terrible heat rash, again on my chest. And, here's the kicker, I can get contact dermatitis from just about anything...including my wetsuit. When I last trained for triathlons I had awful rashes all over my shoulders, chest, and back. This year I bought a surfer's rash guard shirt and it seems to be working.

But two weeks ago I got a rash on the inside heel of my left foot. I think I got it because I was wearing a new pair of leather shoes without any socks. I've always had some issues with leather. I cannot wear a leather-strapped watch because it makes me break out in a rash. Because of the amount of running and biking I'm doing, along with the fact I work in a facility where you have two wear shoes with heels and toes covered, this rash has only gotten worse. I've tried ointments and liquids to no avail. I even took my mother's advice and tried bleach. Now the rash is out of control, itches like crazy, and is blistered over in parts. Nasty!

Today I made a doctor's appointment. I can barely walk in shoes as it feels like it is ripping my skin off every time I take a step. I'm even wearing flip flops today and I hate flip flops. I hope the doc gives me some good stuff so things can start healing up for my race this weekend.

I would post a picture, but YUCK!

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Anonymous said...

yow! good luck!