Thursday, June 05, 2008

Off to the Races

It's been three years since my "Summer of Triathlon." I did four races that summer of varying lengths, none of which I proved to be very good at. With running I tend to be better than average and tend to place in my age group. But when it came to triathlon I found that just being a good runner wasn't cutting it. At the end of the summer I put my bike up and didn't take it down again for three years (and then sold it for a new one).

Many, many road races and several marathons later, I'm ready to give the triathlon another try. I've put my need to run on the back burner and have followed the training plan to a T. I have new muscles in my arms and back, I've learned to like the bike, and I'm ready to see where this road will take me.

This weekend we have our second triathlon of the summer, the Deercreek Triathlon. Dave and I will both be doing the Olympic distance to prepare ourselves for Muncie in five short weeks. Dave informed me yesterday that there are only three other women in my age group (thus far). We did a little hunting around and I may have a chance to pull off a victory.

When I did triathlons before it was all about finishing and getting through the races. This year I have a different mind set and want to compete. I'm a better athlete than the numbers have shown in previous races. And this weekend, I'm going to prove it.


Dave said...

The other day, as we were riding, I heard a small "I think I kind of like this now."


jeff said...

"and this weekend, i'm going to prove it"


get out there and kick some butt. i want to see a picture of hardware come monday morning, ya hear!


Tri to Be Funny said...

Kick some booty this weekend! It doesn't matter if there is only one person in your age group as long as you WIN IT!!