Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Little Complaining

Being a business owner myself, I understand the importance of your customers having correct and accurate information. I also understand in this digital age how important it is to have information online because as a consumer I'm more likely to look for something on the internet while I'm sitting at my desk at work than doing any research at home.

Here are my complaints for week ending June 7th, 2008. ;)

We're busy people. Between working full time, running a business, training for our triathlons and running, we barely have time to do anything else. At one point this year we made the executive decision that it was time to outsource. Several months ago we hired someone to clean our house and it is wonderful. For a small amount of money, I get my house cleaned twice a month and it's one less thing I have to do myself. If I could find someone to grocery shop for me I would love that too. I wanted to hire someone this summer to do a little landscaping for us. I just need someone to weed and put down some new soil and new mulch. We have an acquaintance we used to go to church with who owns his own landscaping company. Yesterday while working so hard at work (that one's for you Noj) I tried to find his company online. Turns out he doesn't have a website. What?! Who doesn't have a website? Heck, my 6 year old niece was talking this week how she wanted to make a video and submit it to iCarly. She gets it. So now, he's probably not going to get my business.

At the company I work for, we have what are called "Summer Hours" in which I get every other 1/2 Friday off. Sounds great right? Well, the kicker is that I have to work those other hours during the week. So, it's not really that great a deal. Nonetheless, I'm taking advantage of it. Last Friday was the first week of Summer Hours and I went home around lunch time. It was a nice day outside and my plan was to go to the outdoor pool for a swim and then ride my bike. I had checked the pool's website and it said it opened Memorial Day weekend. When I got to the pool, however, it was baren. The gate was locked, there were no lifeguards, and I was the only one in the parking lot. What the...? On Monday, another nice day, I checked the website again, called the hotline (which said it was open), called the office like a million times, and finally sent them an e-mail. Yesterday I received a response. I guess the pool is only open on the weekends until school let out, which was yesterday. Today is the first day the pool is open all day. Here's the thing...UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE! Your website says the pool is open. If it's only open on the weekends, say it's only open on the weekends. Heck, I called your hotline and it said the pool was open. Change it!

You know, I didn't study business in school. The only business classes I took were economics and accounting and I hated both (although I loved engineering economics and even TAed for that class). But, I have enough logical sense to understand how business should work. People, you're killing me this week! If you are a business owner and you read this blog, make sure your information is correct and up to date.


Val said...

I am so with you on this one. That's happened to us lots of times, too! And one more:

On your business answering machine, if you say your office opens at 8:00, I should not be hearing that same message at 8:20. Answer the phone, or put a different message on it saying "all lines are busy and to please hold" instead of the same message about the office opening 20 minutes ago and nobody taking my call! Grrr! Not like I haven't been watching for every clock in my house to hit 8:00 already! I think doctors' offices are the worst at this!

Anonymous said...

Meredith--oh, I hate when that happens. It's like, you've held up your end of the bargain by doing your research first, so they need to hold up theirs. Val, I hear you about the doctor's offices, although, fortunately our current doctors' offices are actually pretty good about this.
What has been driving me especially crazy has been insurance companies!!!!! First, it's hard to get a real person. Then, they can't answer your questions, or worse, just keep silent when you ask one--literally! What's that all about? Then, you get someone that gives you inaccurate information. ARGH! I know, at least we have insurance coverage, but let me tell you, there have been periods in my life when I haven't had it, and, granted, I'm not sure it was any worse!! Thanks for the vent session, Mer!