Monday, July 30, 2012

20 Mile Training Run 3 of 5

Having worked all my hours for the week by Thursday afternoon, I took Friday to get my long run done for the week.  On the schedule this week, yet another 20 miler.  This time the pace was marathon pace plus 30 seconds - 8:19 pace.  I got up at the same time as Dave, 6:30am, and was out the door by 7:30.  I thought the heat wouldn't be bad yet but I was wrong.  I was barely a mile into my run and it was HOT and humid already.  I did a small loop of the neighborhood and headed home to drop off the shirt and just run in a sports bra.  I rarely do this, but desperate times require desperate measures.  :)  A quick reply of sunscreen and I was out the door again.

Because it took me forever (11-1/2 miles) in my last 18 miler to reach the pace, I decided to start out a little quicker in this run and hold on for dear life.  Things actually went pretty well.  I reached a sub-8:30 around 7.5 miles and by 11 miles I was already hanging out at a 8:24.  Pace seemed to be going well today, but it was the heat, well more like the humidity, that was kicking my butt.  By 10 miles into the run I could wring out my shorts.  That was about the time the sun decided to come out and make everything even worse.  I could feel the heat coming off the pavement and the breeze felt like a furnace fan.  Around 13 miles in, I needed a break.  I decided to take in more water and stop at each mile for a water break.  I was really suffering in the heat.  It felt like my insides were cooking.  Despite all that, the pace was falling and I was hanging out right where I was supposed to be at a 8:19 with four miles to go.  Here, I got tough and slogged through a few more miles.  With one mile to go, I didn't think I could get any hotter.  I stopped at the drinking fountain, filled both my water bottles (10 ounces each) and poured them directly over my head.  It was refreshing for a moment and then it was time to get the last mile done.

20 miles - 2:45:XX, 8:17 pace.

Two more 20 milers to go...


Amy said...

Wow. Awesome!

And no... you're one of the few bloggers that I respect how you train and your honesty on your blog! Always love reading your blog!

Stefanie Frank said...

Wow you are awesome!

The heat here is really bad but we don't have near that humidity.

You are a MA-CHINE!!

Murph said...

Good Going! Training like that will get you ready for the Badwater Ultra.

Laura Wheatley said...


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

You are doing FIVE 20 milers? I though I was insane to do 3! Great job on the pace; you are really rocking it!