Sunday, July 08, 2012

Week In Review

Last week could be perfectly be described as a hot mess.  Not only was it HOT, what a mess that was created by the storm and subsequent lack of power, air conditioning, refrigerator, cable and internet.  Finally, after 8 days and just over $400, we got our power back, had our air conditioning fixed, fixed our refrigerator ourselves, and got our cable and internet back lastly on Saturday night.  Not to mention, we were able to get our days without cable and internet credited.  Good job, Insight.

And along the way, there was a little bit of running.

Monday 7/2 - 5.5 miles track workout.  This workout was a disaster.  It was crazy hot (in the mid 90s) and I just couldn't get my head and legs to cooperate.  Not only that, but Dave had his own workout and forgot his watch (we were staying at my parents with limited supplies), so I let him borrow mine and I would just do what felt right.  The workout was:
1 mile warmup
2 X 1200
3 X 800
(2:00 rest between each)
1 mile cool down
Well, whatever.  I did the second 1200 as 3 X 400.  I did a lot of bitchin' and moanin'.  It (and I) was a mess.  Moving on...

Wednesday 7/4 - 5K race along with about a 2 mile warmup

Friday 7/6 - 3 miles easy on the treadmill
                   55 double leg crunches on the BOSU and 55 bicep curls with 10 lb. dumbbells.  This was done as 10-9-8...etc. crunches and 1-2-3...bicep curls.  This is a variation of a workout my friend Andrea gave me.  I was sore in my biceps for DAYS!!!!

Saturday 7/7 - This was supposed to be the day of my 20 mile run, but when I woke up at 5:00am and it was already 81 degrees, I said no.  Safety first.  More on the 20 miler tomorrow.

Sunday 7/8 - 3 miles easy in the neighborhood.  For some reason my calf was killing me and just would not loosen.  I spent much of Sunday evening wrapped in a heating pad and even put some Ben Gay on it.  If that doesn't say sexy, I don't know what does.

Running - 16.5 miles
Other - 0.25 hours


Andrea Hill said...

Ooh good idea on using the 10-1 concept for other stuff. I need to do that to keep me motivated to push through some exercises!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

It's good that you skipped the 20 miler. 81 degrees in the am is a bad sign for a 3 hour run!