Thursday, July 19, 2012

You Would Cry Too If It Happened To You

**Warning!  This post is a little on the gross side!**

Per usual, yesterday afternoon when I got home from work I laid down for my afternoon nap.  Sloopy, my dog, usually joins me but because it was thundering outside she was freaking out and wasn't in bed.  So, I got up to go get her and when I did I noticed there was dog vomit on the bed beside me.  And a lot of it (my dog is only 11 pounds - how did she have that much in her stomach?).  As I'm stripping the bed apartment and dragging it into the laundry room, I see that she has thrown up in three more places in the living/dining room.  Seriously Sloopy?

I find the dog and put her into her crate.  While it looks like the vomiting started shortly after she had breakfast (I mean, it barely looked chewed), I didn't want to take my chances. 

I start the water in the washing machine and beginning wrestling the comforter into it.  Now, I swear I have washed it before, but king sized comforter versus regular size washing machine...well, you do the math.  As I'm smashing it in there, I begin to hear water outside of the washing machine.  OH MY GOD!!!  I'm flipping every damn switch on the washing machine and couldn't figure out how to turn it off.  Finally, after what seems like an eternity, I turn it off, but of course it's too late and the entire floor of the laundry room now has standing water in it.  Awesome.  I went to the basement to get the mop and there was water dripping in from the laundry room into the basement.  Double awesome.

And did I mention that I'm on my own this week?  Dave is in San Francisco for work.

I called Dave in a panic.  WHATDOIDO??  WHATDOIDO??  WHATDOIDO??  Being that he's 3000 miles across the country, he wasn't much help.  I called my mom.  I called my dad.  I found every spare towel we had in the house and started mopping up the mess.  My dad agreed to come over after work and help me move the washing machine so I could dry behind it and he also checked out the basement to make sure I hadn't done some damage. 

I did get the comforter washed in the machine, but when I took it out, it still had crusty puke on it.  At this point, I lost it.  I was screaming like a mad woman and saying a few choice words.  But, I got creative and washed that comforter in my bathtub like an Amish person.  Rubbing it.  Scrubbing it.  Ringing it out as best I could.  Three and a half hours later in the dryer, it was finally dry.  Well, sort of dry.  It was a little damp when I put it on the bed.

Needless to say....I had a drink yesterday.  :)


TriMOEngr said...

Totally been there. When we finished building our house in 2002, our son was 18 mo and got a stomach flu as we were in the middle of moving. He threw up all over my comforter and lots of other clothes (his and mine). Husband hadn't hooked up the washer (though I suspect I would have had a similar situation to you trying to jam the comforter into it). I was crying when I called mother-in-law to give me reprieve with sick baby while I went to the laundromat. Note for future reference: $5 large capacity washer and dryer and laundromat worth EVERY penny! (((HUGS))) and hope Sloopy feels better and so do you.

Stefanie Frank said...

Because my husband is a contractor (among other things) he has a machine that will suck up most of the water in situations like that. Not sure how I got by before I met him.

Hope Sloopy is okay. We have an older cat who regularly throws up in my office.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Haha. I am sorry; I don't mean to laugh, but I can just imagine you scrubbing the comforter in the tub. We used to do that when we backpacked...wash our clothes in the sink/bathtub!

Joel said...

So......did you ever figure out what was wrong with your poor dog? And did you have any issues w/ your flooring or basement?

And BTW, what's up with taking a nap every afternoon after work? That's just not fair ;)