Tuesday, June 04, 2013

First Run With the Stroller

Today I did my first run with the baby in the jogging stroller.  We have communicated with just about every person imaginable regarding when is an alright time to use the stroller as a running stroller.  (We have a BOB Revolution - a stroller specifically make for running.)  The manufacture says wait until the baby is six months old.  That's what the people at the baby store say too.  However, why would they make it so you can put the car seat in it if it is not intended to be used that way.  We've talked to the pediatrician about it numerous times and he's always had this nervous look on his face.  At our last appointment we brought it up again, this time mentioning that the car seat locked into the stroller.  He said, "Well that changes everything!"  So today I bundled the baby up, locked the car seat in, positioned his head good and tight using some rolled up hand towels, and set off on a small run.

I loved it.  He loved it.  The ride was so smooth - much smoother than walking on the sidewalks.  Our front wheel of the stroller does not lock into place which made turning easy.  I ran with only one hand on the stroller at a time so I could swing my other arm freely.  Because I'm short I had no problem running behind the stroller without knocking into it.  And nothing seemed really heavy or labored.  I don't know how fast I was going and I don't care.  So, I signed up for the local Fourth of July race and plan to run with him in the stroller, for fun.  I can't wait to share all my miles with Anderson.

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