Monday, June 17, 2013

Game on, boy. Game on.

Dave ran a 5K on Friday.  He's been running really well, despite his half-ass-ness training, and he thought he could run for a PR and maybe even win his age group.  I ran up to the center of town to meet him and the baby and spectate the race.  Secretly, I wanted to run too but didn't want to ask my parents to watch the baby one more time and I didn't really want to race with the stroller.  So, spectating it is.  It was a small, expensive race but at least they had good swag.  There was Dairy Queen and Starbucks and root beer and shaved ice and and and.  And it wasn't just for the participants.  Yes, I had a DQ Blizzard too. 

Anyway, back to the race.  Dave started fast - 6:25 first mile.  And then the monkey jumped on his back, 7:00ish and 7:15ish.  But he managed to PR - 21:16 (6:50 pace) and managed to break my PR in the process too (21:33).  I don't take to that very well.  Game on, boy.  Game on.

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Betsy said...

I get pissed when Neil runs faster than me. We were doing 20 min race pace blocks and he was averaging like 7 seconds faster than me in the training run and I got PISSED. (like throw a water bottle and have a mini tantrum pissed) Of swim bike run it's the only one I can do even slightly better than him. can't he just let me have that!