Saturday, May 23, 2009

Buffalo Trails 5K 2009

Dave's Ironman is a mere 4 weeks away.  He has been training like a beast, but nothing prepares you better for a big race like Ironman than a tune-up race.  Since we live in the midwest, finding a tune-up race this early in the spring/summer is difficult.  Dave did some research and found a sprint triathlon in Maysville, Kentucky that would allow him to practice some things he's learned before his race.

And since I'd be tagging along anyway, I decided to sign up for the 5K and do a test for new heart rate zones.  After looking at the results for the last couple of years, I knew it was a small race, and there was a very real possibility I could win the race.  I shared this goal with Coach and that's when she told me to "run like hell!"

Dave's swim was cancelled due to poor water quality and was replaced with a half mile run followed by the rest of the triathlon.  He started his race about 20 minutes before mine.  I got my warm-up done, put on my racing shoes, stripped down to my sports bra (it IS the summer of the sports bra run), and actually lined up in the front of the line.  I eyed my competition: a 13 year old girl (you never know with those young ones) and an older woman who looked like a runner.  The gun went off (actually the race director yelling BANG!) and I took off like a crazy woman.  Within a half mile I was leading the race.  There were no official mile markers, but there was one scribbled on the road that said "about 1 mile".  I should mention I was doing a heart rate test and did not want to see how high my heart rate was going.  So, I put a sticker over my watch so I couldn't see and wouldn't panic.  But, I could still see the split and saw that the approximate first mile was 5:54.  Holy sh!t!!!  I have never run a mile that fast!  Coach had told me to ease into the first half mile and I did not.  I'm glad I did not, however, because the run got harder.  About a mile and a half in you turn left and head up a flight of stairs.  I was taking them two at a time but got cut off by a 16 year old who was taking them one at a time and was sorta kinda walking up them and was hogging the whole staircase.  At the top of the stairs you turn left and run on top of the flood wall which was grass.  When I reached the top I looked back and saw no women at all.

I eased back a little and made sure to control my own race.  The flood wall ended and you had to go down a dirt embankment and the run on the grass some more between the flood wall and the Ohio River.  Well, the embankment was steep.  I took one step and then fell flat on my butt.  I was ultra embarrassed but did not hurt myself.  I got right back up and kept running.  There was another uphill and then you were back on the trail and the finish was in sight.  One of the officials let me know I was the lead woman.  I cruised under the bridge and into the finish line.

My time was 21:47 which is a new PR.  I am REALLY excited about that as (a) I didn't train specifically for this race, (b) it was a difficult course and (c) I ran all alone with no one to push me.  I won the female division and finished 8th overall.  My award was a HUGE trophy!  And I got announced on the local radio station that was covering the race.  

Since Dave was running the triathlon, I didn't have my usual paparazzi to follow me around.  So, I only have two pictures.  The first is the bridge I had to run over and go over to and from Ohio.  Thank goodness I didn't have to run over it.  I might have died!

The second picture was taken when we got home.  It's me and my GIGANTIC trophy.  What am I supposed to do with a trophy that size?

This was my first 5K in two years.  I still hated it, but I'm ecstatic with the results.  My first win ever!!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your great time and PR!!! And Dave's race too!!! NICEEEEE! :)

Jen Harrison

Molly said...

Congratulations again on the win!!! Way to go!

lindsay said...

congrats!!!!! very exciting win :) steps in a race? who's idea was that? lol. congrats on the pr and win - all your training and consistency sure is paying off! where ya gonna put your trophy?

IronMatron said...

Wahoo!!!!! That's freaking awesome! That trophy--you're right. What are you going to do with that beast???? :) That's a good problem to have, of course. Really psyched for you. It feels good to win the whole damn thing, eh? Congrats! (I never ease into that first 1/2 mile either... :)

Amy said...

Woo hoo! That's freaking awesome! A PR and a first overall finish???!!???!!?? That's great! Congrats! And if I were you, I'd display that big boy somewhere very prominently in your house.

Congrats again!!

E.L.F. said...

I want you to do more 5Ks but you don't have to listen to me :0

NICE trophy! Imagine if it was a 10k...?