Monday, June 01, 2015

May Totals

The month started off so strong.  I was getting back into running after taking time off after the Athens Marathon.  I was excited about trying again at the Cleveland Marathon.  Unfortunately, I started having some pain in my hip.  We all know how that turned out: broken and torn.  The end of the month consisted of lots of nothing and then the beginning of a bunch of swimming to come.

Swim - 15,300 yards ~ 8.7 miles

Bike - 38.64 miles (all indoor on the trainer)

Run - 57.5 miles

Strength - 0.25 hours

YMCA Visits - 17
Cost per Visit - $5.02

Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to meet my goal of 1000+ miles of running this year.  That's okay.  It's better to take care of myself.  I might get a thousand miles of swimming, though. 

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