Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bad News for Meredith

Today was a really bad day for me. I got laid off from my job today. The reason I was told was 'company reorganization.' I'm not sure that's totally the truth, but that's what I'm going to believe.

So crud, now I have to look for a new job--one of my least favorite things to do. So internet if you want to help or know someone who could help:

-I have a BS in Industrial Engineering from The Ohio State University
-I have 5 years work experience--including work in the service industry and distribution.
-I have mad problem solving and analytical skills
-My computer skills include Word, Excel, Access, Project, AutoCAD, and Arena (simulation software)
-It would be great to continue working in engineering, but I'm open to anything

If you're interested in my resume or want to know, please e-mail me (it's on the sidebar).

Well, not much else to say. My day has been pretty crappy and I'm completely drained. Please keep me in your prayers.


DREW said...

Two things are true (well, probably more than two but . . .)

1) Getting laid off is one of THE worst feelings in the world. Regardless of the reason. It's like a body blow that takes a while to recover from.

2) Most (and I mean a HUGE majority) of people that get laid off end up getting a job that they enjoy more than their last one.

I'm looking forward to reading the post you'll be writing about your fantastic new job.

Flatman said...

I definitely will be praying that you find a BETTER job, working with BETTER people and with BETTER benefits and pay!

I am in the engineering field as well, so I know about what you are going through. My company has had to lay-off people in the past and I am just so glad (and lucky?) it wasn't me.

Please know that this is an opportunity for you to progress and be happier. Keep your chin up, I am sure something will come up!

Keep us posted on the job-looking.

jeff said...

best of luck finding something better, m. our small church group has a knack for getting people jobs, so we'll be praying for you!

Val said...

Blargh!! What an icky day! =/ I'm sorry to hear they're being dorks & letting you go. But I tend to agree w/ these other comments- something you like better will become available to broaden your horizons =) You have a ton of ways to network where you are too. Keep us all posted & we'll definitely be praying! Love you tons!

ShoreTurtle said...

That's bad news! Layoffs often have very little to do with how well you do your job and it's always the good people that get shafted. Good luck with the job search.

TryAthlete said...

Sorry to hear the news and I hope something comes along soon. Keep your chin up - the days might seem longer without work, and the job search can be frustrating at times, but with your qualifications and experience I'm sure you'll get offers. Be patient and don't despair!