Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Conclusions

Earlier this week I was really down about my job search. I felt like I had exhausted my resources and being the totally impatient person I am, felt like no company was going to call me back.

My conclusion is this...companies do all their calling on Thursdays. I've been contacted by three different companies today and all have been positive calls. The timelines of some of the processes scare me a little (one said they won't make final decisions until January!) but I guess that's what happens when you're looking for engineering jobs.

So, today has been a positive day and when I have any more news to report, I will let y'all know. But for now, back to Sudoku (thanks a lot Dave, NOT!).


TryAthlete said...

Yay! Three calls in a day is good news! Hope things turn out well.

Got that margarine sorted out yet? Or too busy with the numbers and boxes?

Andrea said...

*shudders* for class last week, we had to write a program that solved Hi-Q (peg solitaire). So when I looked up Sudoku I immediately started thinking up a problem statement! :(