Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Random Stuff

I did a hard tempo run with some of the high school girls yesterday. We did about 3-1/2 miles with 1-3/4 of it at a sub-7:30 pace. There were four girls who ran with me and for the most part, they hung together pretty well. Afterwards they said it was a tough practice. It was music to my ears. I love the high schoolers.

Did you check out the piece on Vanessa Carlton on Derek's blog? I think it's great when celebrities donate to good causes, but I think it's even better when celebrities are role models.

On a serious note...we need some prayers. My sister is pregnant with child #3 and having a tough go-about. She had been having some spotting, so she went to the doctor and it was discovered that her placenta is hanging outside her cervix. (Ew!) She's not allowed to do anything physical for the remainder of her pregnancy (including S-E-X). The good news is that as the baby grows it should pull everything back into place. Please keep her in your thoughts. She has a long way to go in this pregnancy--she's not even at 20 weeks.

Have a good Wednesday!


Val said...

Yikes! That will be one looooong pregnancy. Good thing she went in. Definitely will be praying for her.

Are you hogging all the cool weather? It is still summer out here!!!!! =)

Meredith said...

Nope. It's hot here too, but tomorrow we're supposed to have a cold front and it's supposed to be in the 40s for the marathon. Yahoo!

Flatman said...

I'll be praying for her (and her husband, yikes!). We have a cold front coming in too, whheeeee!

Break out the long sleeves!!

Michelle said...

no fun for your sister!! I'll definitely keep her in my prayers.
Good luck with the marathon!

jeff said...

great workout, m. can't wait to hear how things go this weekend!

and yikes about your sister. no activity has got to be driving her bonkers. we'll definately keep her in our prayers.

again, good luck this weekend!