Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogger Crush

I'm laying on the couch Tuesday evening watching baseball and swimming (and wouldn't it be cool if that was a combined sport) when Dave turns to me and says....

"Dude, Steve in a Speedo commented on your blog!"

I was all like, "Who?"

Dave went on to explain that Steve is, like, famous online and gets like 50 comments on each of his post. I think Dave has a man-blogger crush. :)

Today I went out and read Steve's blog. It was awesome. I read both his and his wife's Ironman stories and cried. At work. I'm such a little girl. I laughed out loud to several of his entries. I'm a fan now. And Steve, I really want to call you Scuba Steve. Oh, and your photography rocks. Next time we cross paths we'll totally going on a running/biking adventure with our cameras.

Thanks for the love, Steve. And thanks to those who comment (and the tons of hits I get without comments). Y'all are my biggest distration, my biggest motivators, and the reason I have continued to grow as an athlete, a writer, and a photographer.


jeff said...

hey! i wear a speedo! where's the love? sheesh.

Meredith said...

Dave wears a speedo and I'm sorry to inform, he gets no love either. :)