Monday, May 12, 2008

What To Do Now

Now that I've been shut out of two marathons I'm starting to wonder if a fall marathon is in the cards. Maybe it's a sign that I should be starting the Ironman training ASAP. But, I really wanted to run a fall marathon because I've lost my qualification for Boston and I wanted to secure that in case (a) the coach let's me run it in the spring in the middle of my Ironman training (not likely) and (b) after the Ironman is over I may want to go back to being just a marathoner and run it in 2010. Either way, I was really looking to redeem myself and really go after the elusive 3:30 that's been haunting me for three years.

It was mentioned in the last post to try Top of Utah, but that race is in September and I have already signed up to run Reach the Beach in September and I don't want to compromise either race. So, I'm really looking for a marathon between October 1st and the end of the year and something that's not going to cost me a whole lot as I'm going to be spending a small fortune in the quest for Ironman next year.

I had breakfast/lunch with Mary on Saturday and she discussed giving the marathon another try this fall. She mentioned she might want to enter the lottery for New York. Will a third lottery be the charm? I've always been a little leary about entering New York. I had a friend who ran NY a few years ago and hated it. He said he'd never run it again. Plus, I also happen to have that deathly fear of bridges that might be a little hard to overcome by the race. In addition, it's not exactly an easy course and probably not any place I could shoot for a 3:30. Dave and I have also been talking about the Honolulu Marathon, but financial restrictions might limit us. We also threw the Portland (Oregon) Marathon in the mix, but we've vacationed in Portland before and really wanted to go someplace we haven't (although we've spent a good amount of time in NY too).

For right now, I'm without a marathon and without a vacation as they were going hand-in-hand this year. Maybe this just is going to be a one marathon year and I can concentrate on saving money, doing half marathons, and saving for Ironman.


Marcus Grimm said...

Try Harrisburg, PA - w/ 600 entrants, lottery isn't a problem and the course is pretty easy.

Not an attractive race, mind you, but it's the first week of November and you can wait until two weeks before to sign up.

I hope to get my BQ there. :)


jeff said...

what about california international marathon? net downhill and it claims to be the fastest course. lots of bq's there. november? december? it's early in one of those two months. just could go to tahoe and go skiing afterward. or vacation in the vineyards in napa. or hang out in san francisco. lots of vacation options around that race. plus, i'd come up and run/crew if you guys came out.

ninjamarathonman said...

Detroit is still open. It's a good race, fast, fun.

Lowell Mass has the Baystate Marathon, it's one of the favorites for locals to BQ. It's also a great time of year in New England, crisp weather and beautiful foliage.

Andrea said...

There's also this flat and fast race in October, I think you've heard of it.. Columbus? and then your vacation could really be a vacation!

Anonymous said...

What about Baltimore in October? It's a great newer race and I ran it last year and thought it was very well organized, smaller and a decent, scenic course.

Mer! said...

Hey Mer, it's Mer!! Long time no write--we loved seeing you guys in Boston...Dave wanted me to apologize to you guys he was having a hard time balancing his parents with trying to be participatory in conversations so sorry if we were all off! He also was hit by a wind tunnel at dinner sitting in front of the kitchen and they had their windows open! ANYHOO:

Wanted to give another shout out for the California International Marathon--Dave has run it twice. We love it. It's small, easy to navigate around to watch people by car. I have flown up to Sacramento both times with him to watch him run and it was great. My brother-in-law flew out last year and stayed with us. It's usually the 1st weekend in December. Sacramento is really small---but it's cute and great for a marathon weekend, not overwhelming at ALL. It's just really refreshing--esp. after huge crowds at Boston. And your poster--Jeff from above is right, you can go to Napa/San Fran etc. They're about 60-90 minutes away and TOTALLY worth it.

I vote another marathon over Ironman training, cause let me tell you if you start training now for a 2009 Ironman you will be *really* sick of training by the end =0