Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Like a Baby

Dave and I are 8 weeks away from the big race and the workouts are getting long and intense. It's only Wednesday morning and I've done 4 workouts since Monday. I don't know if it's the fresh air or all the working out, but I have slept like a baby this week. And that's highly unusual for me. These past two nights, I don't even remember turning out the light. I can't get enough food either. I'm burning almost every nutrient I put into my body.

What's going to happen when we start training for the Ironman?


jeff said...

i find myself keeping a steady stream of snacks flowing into the body. i get those huge tubs of almonds and pretzels from c0stco and nibble on them all day.

same with water. i can't seem to drink enough of it. i easily put away a gallon before lunch each day.

you were johnny on the spot this morning with your comment. i had JUST shot that and uploaded it from the phone. crazy how immediate that sort of stuff is. i responded to your comment, too.

Dave said...

That's what I was doing too, with nuts and raisins. Then my dentist told me not to do that. :(

Maybe if I just swallowed them whole, like pills?


Meredith said...

Or peanut butter M&Ms. :)