Friday, May 16, 2008

Tri-ing to Push, Lovingly :)

The cover story on this month's Runner's World is all about world class running couples. Now Dave and I are now world class, not yet anyway :), but we do tend to pick the same races. As runners we rarely train together as he prefers to work out in the morning or during lunch and I run after work, he doesn't like to do high mileage and I do, and we do not run the same paces. But now that we are both doing triathlons, we're actually doing a lot of our training together (except for the running). He pushes me on the bike since I hate to bike, and we do a lot of our swims together because it's nice to share a lane with someone you know.

Wednesday as I was leaving for work I saw Dave putting his swim stuff into his bag. I figured he was heading straight to the gym to get his swim done before work and then he'd be doing his run at lunch. That's usually his schedule. When I talked to him later in the day he said that he had just gone straight to work, did his run at lunch, and it went horribly. He wasn't planning on doing his swim and just wanted to go home and nap. I told him I would be home late because I still had to do my run and swim. He kept going on and on about being tired and so I said...

"You don't have to do the swim, but I'm going to. And just remember, I'm going to kick your butt in Muncie because I'm putting in the effort."

He was mad, but it was the motivation that worked. At 5:15 after I finished my run and made my way to the pool, there he was in a lane doing laps. Now, he was doing "drills" which looks a lot like floating but it go him in the pool.

Guess next time I want to skip a workout I should just not tell him. :)


jeff said...

you guys are too cute. i'm so excited that you're both doing austria! it'll make the adventure all that much more fun.

Meredith said...

And we haven't made it official yet, but I think we're going to come out and do the California International Marathon.

Dave said...


For the record, I wasn't upset by the comment about Muncie. I was upset because I had barely slept the night before, and I really wanted to take a nap.