Monday, May 05, 2008

OSU Triathlon

Just like the Olympic flame currently in Asia, there was a passing of the torch yesterday. Yes, yesterday, I lost to Dave.

Sure there are a lot of excuses I could make, but hands down he’s a better biker and that’s going to make all the difference. Of course, my sister says that Dave should put a big sign in the yard proclaiming he beat me and have people honk as they go by. Such a nice sister!

It didn’t start well for me. I don’t know what it is about a triathlon swim, but it just freaks me out. And this was in a pool! I couldn’t get my heart rate down and therefore, backstroked half of it. HALF OF IT! Funny part is, I’m a really strong backstroker and I started catching people, so I turned over and stuck my face in the water just went. I caught Dave and was right on his toes. We got out of the water at the same time and I beat him to the transition. And I beat him out of the transition very quickly.

I actually thought the bike was going pretty well. I probably only had about 10 people pass me—much better than normal. One of those people was Dave and he passed me within the first three miles. But I should have known I wasn’t doing that well as the only people I passed were mountain bikers. Finally the bike was over and I made a good transition to the run.

I got shoelace clip-thingies for my laces, but I like my laces pretty tight and had plenty left over so I had to stop a few minutes into my run and tuck my extra laces. That’s when the one and only person passed me on the run. I caught him again later, but he passed me back up. Anyway, I had a great run even though I think the miles were short. My first mile was a 7:47 and I thought that was good. HA! My second mile was a 6:58. It was in that second mile that I saw Dave. I gave him a high five and said, “You proved you’re more superior.” The woman behind him (his dentist, by the way) smiles. I kept catching people and getting faster. I sprinted my way to the finish. My last mile was 6:42. I was cooking on that run!

I must say, it was a bit discouraging. I gave up trying to tri three years ago because I couldn’t figure out the bike mystery and wasn’t willing to put in the time to solve it. This time I’m a little more willing to put in the work on the bike, but I don’t want to sacrifice my running. A longer race, and I would have done pretty good, but the truth is—I’m a runner trying to fake it as a triathlete. We’ll give it the summer and then really decide if I want to try Ironman.

Oh, but I did beat my goal yesterday which was 1:30. I ran a 1:19:51.

Swim (400m) = 9:32
T1 = 1:33
Bike (20K) = 45:45 (16.3 pace)
T2 = 1:27
Run (3 mi) = 21:34 (7:11 pace)
Total = 1:19:51


Tri to Be Funny said...

I don't know many triathletes who truly excel at all 3 sports. Everyone has their strength and yours is definitely the run. Hello??!! Boston Marathon two weeks ago! With a little time in the saddle, your cycling will improve.

ali said...

Sounds like a good race! Congratulations to you and to Dave!

KayVee said...

With time, you will get better on teh bike. And when you do, you will kick butt since you are such a fast runner. Just keep at it. Good luck on your half ironman later this'll rock!