Friday, July 24, 2009

Foto Friday

Seriously, I am a narcissist. If you haven't figured that out about me yet, you obviously haven't be around very long on this blog. One thing I like to do as a photographer to work on posing, lighting, composition, etc. is to take self-portraits. I also find it is a good way to express my emotions without saying a word. This week I took this (below). I think it pretty well describes the week that I've had.


D said...

Just be glad that didn't break on you. See, glass half full. Could always be worse!

track_star said...

love the photo. I also love the name of your blog. It is so true as every runner's world is somewhat similar but also different at the same time!

Michelle said...

good picture--I've had days/weeks/months like that, too! sorry it was such a crappy week. hope you're feeling better soon!