Friday, July 31, 2009

Foto Friday--60 Mile Walk Edition

Last night Dave and I traveled up to Cleveland to attend the 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer. The walk kicked off Friday at Cleveland Brown Stadium (although we didn't get up early enough to see opening ceremony). The first day of the walk, 60 miles in total over three days, traveled approximately 22 miles from downtown Cleveland to West Lake, a suburb. Why were we there? My sister and her friend Jennifer were participating.

The first spectator spot was approximately 8 miles from the start at a local park. Amy and Jennifer looked great at that point although they asked us if we could get them some better Gatorade than they were serving on the course. Doesn't my sister look like me?

The next spot we saw them was at mile 14 right around lunchtime. Spectating this walk was not like spectating a race. There was a lot of downtime and boredom. I like to sing when I'm bored. :)

We used our best Reach the Beach skills and followed the arrows to the finish line even though the finish line was not open to spectators. The crew would not let us capture pictures of anything or go on the grounds at all, but we occupied our time the best way we knew possible: dancing and taking pictures of ourselves. Yeah, we're awesome.

Finally, an hour after we expected them, Amy and Jennifer crossed the finish line of the first day looking utterly exhausted and complaining of back pain.

I'm so proud of my sister for taking on this challenge and seeing it through. Good job, Amy and Jennifer.

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D said...

Dave is a lucky, LUCKY man.