Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lobster Girl

Melissa asked me yesterday what my next race is. I'm doing a half marathon in the middle of August.

Today was my first full day at the beach. I put on my SPF70 and headed out with my book, a chair, and a blow-up inner-tube. After spending 6 hours in the beating-down sun, I am fried!!! I look like a lobster. I am particularly burnt where I have short tan lines from running.

Tonight for dinner we went to Lambert's Cafe. They're famous for throwing rolls at you. In addition they had designated side dishes that they would just carry around and offer you. It was terrific Southern cooking. Yet, I didn't get a roll. We waited an hour and a half to get in, but it was good food. Dave, you would have loved it.

That's about it folks. When my family vacations, it is relaxing. Tomorrow should be much of the same.

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D said...

Pics or it didn't happen. Gawd.