Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Ending

This week has been one of the hardest in recent memory. Between online arguements, business taxes being due, feeling like a monster from my new birth control, and another tough week of training, most days I loved crawling into bed and sleeping knowing that bad things couldn't happen when I slept. But this weekend has been good. I watched the Ironman world championships twice along with the live converage (I'm still watching it) of Ironman Lake Placid. I know I'm not an Ironman and may never be but I find it inspiring and being around and surrounded by such greatness brightens my spirits. Running makes me happy. Watching people succeed makes me happy. I really needed this. I will start next week with new fervor and excitement.


Emmett said...

Love the blog. I enjoy running also.

Anonymous said...

Hope this week is much better! I have always loved watching ironmans, too :)
Take care!