Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hang Up!!!

Manoj, this post is for you.

I realize that everyone has a cell phone. For me, it has revolutionized my work and has allowed me to own a business and have a life. But, come one people. Hang up! We live in an affluent part of town where everyone owns a big giant Range Rover and even if they don't try to, they flaunt their wealth. Today while riding my bike there were many big ol' cars that would creep through stop signs and not look at all for other traffic or for bikers. And every person I saw in these cars were talking on their cell phones. Here's what I don't understand...who are you talking to all the time and why are you ALWAYS on the phone in the car?! Ohio is not a place where you have to be hands-free, but I think it should be. Hang up your damn phone!!!


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jeff said...

move to cali!

we're a hands free and texting free state! plus, we've got great trails. i think you should look into running ultras. ;)