Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miscellany for Sunday

A little miscellany today...
  • Watching Ironman yesterday scared the devil right out of me. People looked like HELL crossing the finish line. Louisville has the possibility to be as warm as Hawaii. Yikes!!
  • Generally I don't get involved in politics (yeah right) but seriously, Ohioans, we have a big scheme on our hands with Issue 3. Do your homework. This article is an editorial, but it sheds some light on the things the casino companies are hiding.
  • I've been filling out some sponsorship applications and going back through my last couple years of racing results. Holy wow have I made improvements in the last year! Seriously, I was bad.
  • I hate to shop. :) I spent an hour and a half in one store today, tried on several, several things and walked away with nothing. I love how fast I've gotten, but my body has totally changed into total athlete. Clothes look horrible on me now. Damn you Anthropologie.
  • Last week before the marathon!!!


Molly said...

Woohoo! You'll be here in just days!!!

Jeff set up the TV in your room so you guys can watch cable and whatever you want :) That was what he did instead of riding 71 miles with me today...#$%&*!!!

D said...

Oh whaaaa, look at my awesome body. Whaaa whaa whaaaaaaaaaaa!

IronMatron said...

Can you email me and tell me about sponsorship apps? How do you go about that?
I know you will get no pity for the body prob from most, but you will from me. I have the same problem.

Judi said...

so your signed up for IMLou? I'll be there rooting you on! :)