Friday, October 02, 2009

The Plans are Set

It's two weeks until we leave for San Francisco and our plans are coming into place. We're staying with Molly. We're so thankful she's taking the crazies in for a weekend. She'll be just a few weeks away from her Ironman and will have tons of training to do. Dave's going to join her on an ocean swim. I'm going to watch from the sidelines. We've found a bar to watch the Buckeyes' game if we can't get the channel at the homestay. We'll be attending the expo on Friday and driving the course. Speaking of the course, I checked out the profile online today. Yikes!!! But, if I can conquer Boston, I can conquer this one.

Two weeks!!!!


Molly said...

Oh there will be a lot of bars that have the game if we don't. Hooters about 2 miles away has EVERY game on TV too.

It's coming up fast!!!! Just be nice when I fall asleep in the middle of a conversation - my 8-hr ride is the day before you arrive :)

E.L.F. said...

These people are nuts. They wil steal your toilet paper.

Ha ha. No, they are very nice house guests :)