Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Athletic Goals

I'm finding it difficult to set goals for next year. I'm just not sure what to expect since I've never fully concentrated on triathlon. But, I do have some thoughts and goals based on what I've done in the past and what I think I'm realistically capable of doing. Here are my thoughts:
  • Complete a half iron in under 6 hours. I've done 2 in the past, one in 6:10 and one in 6:09. Both of those I only done the minimum biking to be able to complete the distance. This should be an obtainable goal, however, I'm doing a pretty hilly half this summer so we'll see.
  • And speaking of biking, I'd really like to be able to go under 3 hours in that half ironman.
  • For the ironman, I think I am capable of finishing between 12 and 13 hours. I know this may be lofty for a first time, but I base this on current capabilities. I should be able to swim under 1:30 and run around 4 hours. The big question mark is biking. I'd like to aim for 7 hours or better.
  • Qualify for the Halfmax Nationals.
  • Be a good representative for Team Trakkers.
Nothing is set in stone regarding these goals. Who knows how I'm actually going to be able to perform. I've never done the training and I've never taken any of my triathlon races seriously. But, I am looking forward to the challenge and finding out what I'm capable of. 2010 is going to be a great year!


Mary IronMatron said...

I think those sound like perfect goals. I bet you go well under six for the half with ELF's guidance. You'll have a great IM--I def. think 12-13 is doable! Absolutely! :)
I love goals. Good luck!

D said...

It can't be just me that thinks this... there's a few of your goals that you are going to smash!