Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All Tied Up

It seems I'm finally getting over being sick and thank goodness, I've gone back to working out. There have been some tough workouts this week! Yesterday I had a climbing bike ride that the climb alone lasted a half hour. By the end of it I had maxed out my gears. Today I had a swim where I literally had to tie my feet together and try to swim that way. Needless to say, my legs sank to the bottom. It was a valiant effort, though. Tomorrow I will try my first run outside in nearly two weeks. The weather has turned here and it is COLD so it may suck. But, I'm so happy to be back.


MrsCJ said...

Wow your training is hard core! Glad you are feelging better. This weather is nuts.


jessithompson said...

Back in the saddle in a hard core way... well done!