Wednesday, December 02, 2009


It hit me with a "one, two!" It started about three weeks ago with 8 days in a row of headaches. Then it was one day of sore throat and four days of feeling great. Tuesday of last week the sore throat returned and the head started to get foggy. By Thanksgiving and for the four days following it I had a mean case of laryngitis. Monday I felt great. So great I ran and swam and thought I was returning to normal. Yesterday I woke up feeling terrible. My throat was on fire! I took a deep nap in the afternoon and still felt bad when I woke up. This morning was the worst I had felt. My glands were so big I could not turn my head. My ears were clogged because of all the swelling. Everything in my throat had swollen and it was hard to swallow. Before even getting out of bed I called the doctor. The doctor served me up a double whammy--strep throat and a sinus infection. She also said I had a canker sore down in my throat. That's certainly not making things feel better. She gave me a dose of antibiotics, told me to take the Mucinex I had been taking, gargle with salt water, and spritz some Cloreseptic. Dave even helped me out by working from home this afternoon and taking care of the dog while I slept all day.

With two doses of antibiotic already taken, I'm hoping tomorrow will be a much better day. For now, at 10 until 9:00, I'm going to bed.


MrsCJ said...

That stinks! Hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you are resting a lot, which is good. Take care!


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Oh that sounds awful! A canker sore in your throat, ouchy. I hope the meds & deep sleep help you recover quickly.

Mary IronMatron said...

Feel better, Meredith. Argh