Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's too much information?

Yesterday I stumbled across a video made by Heather Gollnick that was a preview of the Ironman Louisville course. I watched half of it making it to about halfway through the bike. That's when I closed the computer not sure I wanted to see anymore. When Dave trained for his Ironman he devoured information. He read every blog he could find of people who had done the race and people who were doing the race. He studied websites. Heck, he rode the course on the computrainer. That's not really my style. I had never driven a course until this past year. I don't like to read about races. I just want to race and figure it out as I go along. I know that's probably not smart, but what's too much information?

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Jamie said...

I hear ya. Knowing too much can suck (at least me) into this BAD BAD place of trying to memorize and plan every little detail of the race.

But no matter how hard I plan, racing always ends up being more about adapting and making split second decisions than following a rigid plan based on gobs of research and hours staring at a computer screen.

I really only want to know water temp, where the hills and aid stations on the bike are and where any loops are. That is it.