Sunday, December 13, 2009

Base Training vs. College

Unlike most schools, Ohio State is on the quarter system instead of semesters. I loved it! It was only 10 weeks, so if you didn't like a class it wasn't going to last very long. Plus, you didn't have to take as many classes to fill out a full load. Three class and you were a full time student. But there were some drawbacks. The classes moved very quickly, so if you missed a class or got sick and couldn't go to class, you missed a lot. And no matter how on the ball you thought you were, you were always behind. I swear I started the first week behind schedule, made it to the end of the quarter knowing I didn't finish all assignments, and yet still walked away with a strong B.

Triathlon training is starting to feel like being in school again. I'm currently on holiday break from gymnastics so I have the whole month available and yet I finished this week of workouts three behind. I missed a bike and two strength sessions. Next week is a new week and a new opportunity to get in all the workouts. I know they're all important just like attending classes and doing homework, but hopefully missing a few here or there will not mess up the big picture. I'm hoping to walk away from this experience with an "A" or maybe I should say an "IM".

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