Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Dave and I received a letter this past week from our homeowner's association. The title of the letter read like this: "Final Notice of Violation - Missing/Wrong Style Numbers on Mailbox." Yes that's right, ladies and gentleman. Dave and I are going to get fined by our homeowner's association because we have the wrong font and size of numbers on our mailbox. Never mind we've had those numbers on there for at least 4 years and we've never received any other notifications. As it turns out, we've never not had our mail delivered either. This whole this is ridiculous and pisses me off to no end.

So, what has happened to you that is just ridiculous?


Michelle said...

Yeah, that would completely piss me off, especially the "final notice" part when you'd never received the "first notice". Good luck!

Oh, and dealing with the phone or cable or insurance companies has been ridiculous most of the time!

ADC said...

Oh my God, that is ridiculous. In the UK there are only strict-ish rules about the old ("grade 2 listed") houses and those in the conservation area, but I don't think that even they would be bother with numbers on the mailbox.

jeff said...

hoa's are a nightmare. it's power given to average people that should never be given power.

one of the guys on our board is this hardcore commune-esque hippie who wants to have all of the asphalt removed from our drives and replaced with gravel because 'asphalt chokes the earth and is bad for the environment'. okay, i'll grant you that, but where in the effin' hell are we going to put said asphalt when we dig it up?

i could go on and on and on about our hoa and this guy in particular. thank god we sold and close on our house on monday.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I totally agree with what Jeff said. HOA's can be a nightmare - people given power that should never be given said power because they totally abuse it and get a trip from it. (Does that make sense). Good luck!

jessithompson said...

f'lame... i agree with jeff that sometimes power in the wrong hands is just plain bad. our next door neighbor is one of those volunteer "cops" and oooooooh boy, he thinks he's pretty bad ass.