Saturday, December 26, 2009

Four (or three) Christmases

Three Christmases in two days! Wow! I'm wiped out. But, we are all set for quite a while. Dave and I both got two swimsuits, each a bike jersey, each a pair of bike shorts, a BOSU ball, a DVD player and a dongle for our TiVo so we can workout in the basement for the winter and be entertained. I loved it all. The swimsuits are tasteful and my bike jersey is one of the cuter ones I've ever seen (I'm really picky about my athletic clothes). I've eaten enough for a whole army but who cares because I've seen my workouts for the next week and I'm easily going to burn those calories off. There's a few things I didn't get on my list that I'll probably take care of with gift cards I've received. Overall, the parents and in-laws did a great job this year. I don't think I need to return anything.

Now onto my favorite week of the year...right before New Year. I love setting new goals and seeing what horizons will be chased.


D said...

Ooooh... I've had a Bosu sitting in my place for a few years. It's deflated lol. Looking forward to hearing what you do with yours! ;)

Dave said...

Bike shorts? I think you mean "padded butt shorts".

MrsCJ said...

That's awesome! Lots of fun loot!


Stephanie said...

I am getting very inspired to do some goal setting myself. I want to buy an especially fancy leather journal to do so. ;)
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