Friday, July 16, 2010

Foto Friday

This is a bike heavy week for me. And a run heavy week. And a swim heavy week. Oh yeah, we're only a few weeks from Ironman. :) Yesterday's ride was not designed to be difficult but I was suffering through it nonetheless. My legs were tired and I had trouble getting my RPMs up. So I would switch gears to get into the correct RPM and then my heart rate would drop. The wind was in my face which made me going like 14 mph in zone 2. I was really suffering. Within a few miles from home I dropped my chain and struggled to get it back on. Dave can do his, somehow, without even touching it. Me, I'm a grease monster:

As adventurous as my ride was, though, it was nothing compared to Dave's. We rode together for a majority of the ride, but his was an hour longer so he turned off at one point. When I got home and showered I noticed a missed call from Dave. I called him back and he answered with this..."Don't worry. I'm okay." YIKES! Turns out he was 100 feet away when a car swerved to avoid a dog, hit the ditch and flipped the car over. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!!! He said the girl jumped out of the car about as quickly as he could get to the accident. She was fine with only a few minor scratches. The dog was fine too, I guess. Dave said he never saw a dog. He waited around for the police and ambulance to show up and had to give a report. Scary stuff!


Judi said...

glad you are surviving the training. i knew you would. i signed up to be a swim marshall in a kayak on sunday morning, so i will look for you in the water! :)

jessithompson said...

Glad to hear that Dave's ok. Sheesh - I bet that was scary.

If I even LOOK at my bike, I get grease on me. It's a given.

Dave said...

Definitely scary! I wasn't close enough to be worried for myself, but I was SO thankful she was okay after seeing the car flip.