Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Product Review: Saucony Sports Bra

Disclaimer: Yes, I am sponsored by Saucony and receive a discount on their merchandise, however, I write reviews based on my experience and not on loyalty.

It's hot outside. Seriously hot. I don't ever remember a summer this hot. Then again, I've never trained for a race in the middle of the summer. I keep thinking it's not going to get any hotter, but then I remember how hot it was in Louisville during the 2008 IM and it very well could get hotter. So, I've been thinking about what I will wear during the race to minimize the hotness (enter joke here).

I've been thinking that during the run portion of the race I will wear my favorite run shorts and a sports bra. To stay true to my sponsors, it needs to be a Saucony sports bra so I purchased two of these: a black one and a pink one. The pink one is like Barbie Doll pink, but at least it matches my Trakkers hat.

I wore the black one during a short 45 minute run last week. I didn't use any skin protectant (ie, Body Glide) and didn't wear a shirt on top of it. Here's what I noticed about this sports bra: I think it might be made for more well-endowed girls than me. :) It's very full coverage: it's pretty high in the front and covers well in the back. Although I'm far from full-figured, I actually really like the coverage. There's no back fat and no side boob. By the end of the run I did notice a little bit of rubbing in the armpit area.

I wore the pink one on my long 2 hour 45 minute run last Friday. It was a scorcher last Friday (hottest day of the summer) so I suited up in what would be my trail run for Ironman. I wore Body Glide in the armpits and underarm area, under the bust line and a little at the top of the sports bra. By the end of mile 1 I was already drenched in sweat. This was a good day to test this out.

Overall, I really liked the sports bra and think it will work for Ironman. I like how the back and the front have the Saucony logo which is reflective which will work great if I wind up finishing in the dark. The pink one matches my Trakkers hat and will be easy to spot for my family. The only thing I noticed was a little chafing in an unexpected area. You see, these bras have an inner lining that protects the essentials. :) My Trakkers uniform has the same protectors. These are great, however, after 18 of the sweatiest miles ever, that inner lining chafed me on my chest. So, next time I run in it I will have to lube up there too.


Jamie said...

Not gunna lie. When I just read the title of this post I thought "wow, first post pictures of your ass. Now, you go flashing your tetas?!"

I'm sure Dave is happy that there are only product pics in here and nothing showing more skin. haha.

Dave said...

Running in only a sports bra will certainly not minimize the hotness in Louisville. :)

Megan said...

BOOBIES! (in reply to Jamie's comment).
OMG I can't wait to see you guys again in like... a month or so!

jessithompson said...

LOL... love Jamie's comment! Since I'm so "well-endowed" (insert sarcasm font here), I should definitely give this bra a try ;). Seriously though, running in a sports bra is nice when it's hot out. Maybe put some Tri Slide in your special needs bag for the run in case you've got chaffing that's bothering you.