Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Totals

Wow! It was a big month! July was pretty much eat, swim, bike, run, sleep with little else. I tried my best to get to every workout and I think I only missed one key one: a 6-1/2 hour bike ride that I was just too tired to even attempt. I'm getting more anxious and scared as the race comes closer and closer, but with the major mileage I put in this month, I'm also feeling a lot more comfortable about the race.

Swim = 25,250 meters (That's 15.78 miles!!!!)

Bike = 397.77 miles (And my very first flat tire!)

Run = 92.49 miles (Finally, marathon training numbers!)

One big week to go and then it's taper time. Oh. My. Stars.

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Colleen said...

Great month Meredith! You are so ready!!!