Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Short Review

Fashion is not really my thing. I remember when I was in my high school my sister, the pretty one, would be all like, "why can't you wear anything besides a t-shirt and jeans." Yep that's just me, a t-shirt and jeans girl. Nothing has really changed as I've gotten older and probably has gotten a bit worse this year with Ironman training. I swear I am living in workout clothes and IT AIN'T PRETTY!!! When I workout, I'm lucky if I come close to matching. I usually don't put much thought into my gear. I just want it to fit and not chafe.

Alright I'm going to preface this review. Yes, I receive a discount from Saucony because they are one of my sponsors. No, I would not give a good review if I did not believe in the product. Okay, here we go...

Earlier this summer I bought a pair of shorts from Saucony because I needed a pair to compliment the rest of the gear I've received from Saucony and Trakkers. I didn't put a lot of thought into what pair I wanted. I just wasn't going to spend a lot of money and I wanted them to be black to match the rest of my gear. So I ordered this pair. I was a little nervous about them being big and bulky because I ordered a size bigger than the rest of my gear, but the rest of my gear is a little snug. They arrived and the first run I put them through was in the rain. You never know what chafing and bunching will occur in the rain. And you know what, I loved these shorts in the rain. They were light. They didn't chafe. I barely noticed they were there.

Last week I was running on the trails wearing a pair of Nike shorts that I've run in a million times. But it was the first time I noticed how bunched up they get in my hoochie coochie and how scratchy they were. When I planned my long run this week, I made sure my Saucony running shorts were clean. Despite everything else falling apart on my run, the shorts were perfect.

I've been thinking a lot about what I will wear in Ironman. Will I wear my biking shorts underneath my swimming speed suit? (Probably, I'm not very open about my naked self in the changing tent.) Will I change into my tri shorts for the marathon? Do I want to wear running shorts instead of tri shorts for the marathon? Is it going to be too hot to wear the tri top on the run? All I know right now is that I'm leaning towards changing into these new running shorts for the run. They are perfect for a marathon run.

I just purchased a sports bra from Saucony. Maybe another good review coming?


jessithompson said...

I love good gear. It can make ALL the difference in the world. Girl... no one is payin' a lick of attention in that IM tent, so if you want to change, JUST DOOOOOOO IT!

Michelle said...

good to know. I've never worn any of their other gear, but I LOVE their shoes!

Ribbon Dancer Up and Down said...

I didn't realize how uncomfortable my running shorts were until I got these. They are awesome. Love your blog!