Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Dave and I received a class action lawsuit the other day for something and I noted to him how often I get noticed about class action lawsuits for my VW Beetle. This was my first new car I bought myself after college. I thought I would love that thing. I absolutely HATED IT!!! I had problem after problem, got ridiculed by the maintenance department at the dealership, and even got hung-up on by a manager. I turned that sucker in as soon as my lease was up. I will NEVER buy another Volkswagen and I will NEVER shop at Hatfield again.

That being said, Dave and I bought ourselves two new cars following the VW--a 2004 Toyota Prius and a 2004 Honda Element. These cars are AWESOME!
My Stars! Look how skinny Dave was back in the day!

In the 6 and 5 years we've owned the cars, respectively, we've only had one emergency service on the Prius. We have both cars payed off. We use the Element for carrying the photo booths and our bikes. It's like the best truck ever. I hope these cars last FOREVER!!!

So, if you were buying a new car right now, what would you buy and why?


Mommy Gator said...

DITTO on VWs!! We had a Jetta! It was in the shop more than it was drove I swear haha!

Joel said...

Great question about what to buy...seems like I'm always looking. The flavor of the day is a small SUV - like Xterra or Highlander or something.

I have a Saab now, and I'll NEVER buy one of these again.

Jamie said...

I second your hatred of VWs.

I used to be a HUGE fan and obsessed with all things volkswagen. My Jetta had so many problems eventually and one of the times I brought it into the dealership, they forgot to lock the door and someone broke in (all they had to do was open the door - no sign of forced entry) and stole my nice aftermarket stereo.

The dealership's response was essentially just shrugging their shoulders and saying "our bad! Want to use our phone to call the police?"

I now love my Mazda.

Jeff said...

I love my RX-8! Definitely not a good "normal" daily driver, but I love it. If I were going for something new I'd definitely go for either another Mazda or a Honda. As much as I hate to go against American made things...American cars just SUCK for the most part! I have been kinda half looking at a new car lately. Nothing coming soon, but I would really like to have a car I'm able to drive throughout the year instead of keeping my car in the garage in the Winter like I do now.

Melissa said...

I am an Audi lifer at the moment.I love my audi. It's my baby. I love it bacause it's pretty and makes me look good. Lol. It also drives like a dream machine and comes with a 5 year warranty including maintenance.

Melissa C said...

FORD ALL THE WAY! Buying American is what is going to keep the midwest economy alive right now. I would love a Ford Explorer or Flex if we had the money. We got an Escape last year and it is smaller, but great. We have a roof rack for the bikes and a box. It gets great fuel economy. I would actually really love the new 300+ hp 31mpg 2011 Mustang, but with 2 kids in carseats, we need to wait until they are old enough to get in and out themselves before getting a 2 door again.

Justin Gardner said...

We have a 2003 Honda Element also, and it's the best car we've ever owned. Now with one kid and planning on a second, we are looking at an Acura MDX for better towing capacity, 7 seat capacity, and fuel ecconomy. It looks like the best option.