Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independence Triathlon 2010--Spectator Report

A few weeks ago, Dave signed up for a sprint triathlon on July 4th that was really close to our house and would be on roads we normally ride. Coach asked if I wanted to sign up. I said no because (a) we had a wedding the night before and we would be getting home until after midnight and (b) what purpose would a sprint triathlon do me when I'm training for Ironman. As time approached, however, I really wanted to do this race. I wanted to use it as my bike test. Plus it had sweet age group awards and I really felt like I had a chance to place in my age group. I went to sign up and wouldn't you know that bugger was sold out?! Dang it! So, I went to the race as a supportive wife.

This race was a little different in that it was a swim in the pool, serpentine style. The athletes seeded themselves based on their expected 300 yard time and then jumped in every few seconds and swam up and back in the same lane before switching lanes. Mostly this style works except those people who don't seed very well or who can't hug the lane line so others can pass. Dave seeded himself well and swam mostly by himself until at least half way in the swim. Check out this baby I created...

From the swim there was a LONG run to transition over grass, rocks, etc. Dave had stashed his shoes by the pool and put them on to run to transition. Smart man I married. :) I didn't make it over to transition to see him leave onto the bike, but from his race report it seems like he had really fast transitions.

The bike was a 12 mile loop starting and ending on the gravel driveway of the park. Yikes! The best part was, though, all 12 of those miles Dave and I ride on almost a weekly basis. My parents live right on this race course and we do many of our rides starting from their house. Dave knew these roads like the back of his hand and it showed. He rocked the bike! Myself, I hung out and met a woman named Meg. She was cheering on her friend who was doing her first triathlon. Rock on, sister! It was great to meet you.

Dave made it back to transition so quickly I almost missed him. His transition was 28 seconds! Is he a freakin' pro?! He was out on that run course and looking good.

It was starting to get hot and Dave doesn't do very well in the heat. He was having such a great race and I was just hoping he could finish it strong. Before I knew it, he was back and dashing to the finish line. He was hoping to place in his age group. He's not quite there yet, but he did have the best race he's ever had and finished really fast for a dude training for iron-distance.

Watching the race unfold, I totally could have rocked this race. My friend, Colleen, finished second in our age group and third overall. I think I would have been right there with her. I think I would have had a little faster swim and run, but she would have beaten me on the bike. We could have come in hand-in-hand. Ahhh! He he he! Just kidding!

We didn't stick around very long because it was getting HOT and we had a wedding later in the day we needed to prepare for. Too bad. I guess we missed meeting Tri Diesel. I guess he saw us before the race but didn't want to interrupt our pre-race rituals. Dude, we have no rituals, plus I wasn't even racing. Next time say hi!!! We'll see you at the next race.

Which is in 7 weeks if you're counting!!!!


Colleen said...

I totally would have crossed the finish line hand in hand with your Meredith! :) Would have made for a cute picture! HAHAHA!

Great seeing you. And yes, Dave did awesome!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Last time I saw a blogger at a race, he chewed me out for talking before the race and said to wait till after. My bad, I didnt know.

Wow, all you guys are FAST!!! I am impressed.

Less then 2 months, I am well aware of it, let the stress begin