Thursday, March 01, 2012

February Totals

The original plan was to run everyday in February. Unfortunately that did not happen as I caught a horrible stomach bug at a week or so ago. Despite not being able to run all 29 days, I did run 21 days. I took several days off for being sick, took Monday off to recover from my race, and took yesterday off to prepare to try the run streak again in March. Here's what February looked like:

Swim - 0 meters
. This is unfortunate because I did have it on my list of goals to get back in the pool.

Bike - 0 miles. Right, like you thought I was getting back on my bike.

Run - 72.33 miles. I would have thought this would have been a lot higher considering I was trying to run every day. But I wouldn't have imagined an injury and then getting sick.

Other - 4.25 hours. This was yoga and strength training.

Pushups - 1250. The pushup challenge continues. {Supposedly} one more week to go until I test!!

And yes, I did mention I'm going to try the running challenge again in March. Hopefully it will go better and will include more miles than February. And I've decided to incorporate it with a little bit of a virtual challenge. Details to come soon....

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jeff said...



i think we ended up with about the same number of miles. i haven't been as diligent lately with tracking my mileage.

you know, your talk of trying the run streak again in march has me contemplating if i'd want to try that too. 7mi trail run this morning, so i'm on a streak of one day! woohoo!

keep us posted on what you decide to do and maybe i'll tag along.