Tuesday, May 14, 2013


*This is a long overdue post.  It did not take weeks to get our oven fixed.*

Dave and I are cheap.  Well, thrifty.  When our oven broke we tried to find the part we thought we needed locally, but came up empty.  Instead we ordered on the internet with no rush on the shipping.  Thrifty.  We tracked the package which started out FedEx or UPS and eventually wound up in the hands of our mailman.

Our mail service leaves a lot to be desired.  For starters, the gentleman who usually helps me at the post office is, well, dumb.  I go to the post office a lot.  He knows who I am because he always asks me about my running and races.  I mail almost the exact same thing every time, yet he always asks me if I want upgraded shipping, insurance, tracking, etc.  No!  Do I ever mail anything except first class?  No!  Stop asking me those stupid questions and just mail my package!  I even go up to the window and say, I would like this mailed first class.  Same questions, every!damn!time!  The person who delivers our mail might be the laziest mailman.  Our mail service is a little dude in a truck that puts our mail into our mailbox at the end of our driveway.  He does it all from his truck.  I say he is lazy because I've seen him knock over every trashcan in the neighborhood just to get his mail in the box.  He will not leave his truck!

Where am I going with this?

Like I said, we tracked our oven part and the day it was to be delivered a neighbor car got parked in front of our mailbox.  Late in the day our flag was still up on our mailbox and I was pissed that our mail did not get delivered that day.  Get out of your effing truck and deliver our mail!  I was ready to call the post office and make a complaint.  I went out to check the mailbox just in case.  And luckily, the mail was there.  The lazy bastard just didn't put down the flag.

Dave started to dismantle the electronics in the oven.  It became pretty obvious why our oven was not working....

The good news is, the new part worked once Dave got it all put together.  The bad news is that the clock did not peel off as cleanly as the internet said it would.

I don't really care how ugly the clock looks.  The oven works and that's all that matters.  If we ever move someday we will get a new clock face to make it look better.

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