Saturday, May 18, 2013

The '80s Vomited on my Running Clothes

I went shopping today and got vomited on.

You see, one of my trail races, the 50K, is held during deer hunting season in Ohio and there is a disclaimer on the race website: "We have carefully worked with the park staff to ensure the safety of the runners and that the entire race course is not in any area permitted for hunting. Although we do not anticipate any issues, it is recommended that you do not wear anything white during the race and are encouraged to wear bright colors, especially orange."

Hmm, I don't have anything orange or really anything in a bright color.

Luckily, the '80s are back and there are lots of running clothes right now in neon colors.  So, I loaded up my $100 from mother's day, a little birthday money, and a coupon, and headed down to the sporting goods store.  And boy did the '80s vomit on me.  I walked away with an orange tank, orange shorts, pink tank, black shorts, yellow t-shirt, and a yellow jacket.  The race is in December so who knows what the weather will be.  I scored all of this for $170 which I paid in cash.

No one is going to miss seeing me on the trails.

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Anne said...

What race is it?