Sunday, May 05, 2013

Week in Review

As mentioned earlier this week, I am back to running - this time with permission from the doctor.  I started the week walking and ended the week with a walk, but in the middle I did some running. 

Monday - 3 mile walk
Dave and I loaded up the kiddo and hit the golf course for a loop.  I walked, Dave ran, and then he came back to finish the walk with me.  The plan was to go to the bike shop afterwards to pick up some new tires for Dave's bike but the shop had closed at 6:00.  What store closes at six?  Are we in an old people's neighborhood?  We picked up some dinner on the square and that was that.

Tuesday - 2 mile walk
A short family two mile walk before my parents had us over for dinner.

Wednesday - 3 mile run/walk
Finally approved to run!  I celebrated not only with the margarita socks but by doing a little three miles to the end of the park and back.  I did 4 minutes of walking, 1 minute of running for an average of about 13:00/mile

Thursday - 3 mile run/walk
Same as yesterday!

Friday - 1.63 mile run/walk
I was planning on doing 4 miles but when I got out there (a) I just wasn't feeling it and (b) I had some guilt regarding leaving Dave with the kiddo for that long when he hadn't done a workout.  So, I just did a short loop in the neighborhood.

Saturday - off

Sunday - 3 mile walk
Just took the stroller out for a long walk with The Bug.

Total - 16.63 miles

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