Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week in Review

So much for easing back into things.  I went full-throttle this week.  It's been six week; I'm allowed!

Monday - 4.25 miles run/walk; 0.50 hours of weight training
I actually did two workouts today.  I started the day with three miles of 3 minutes walking, 2 minutes running.  The walks were in the 14:00/mile range and the runs were in the 9:00/mile range.  Then in the afternoon Dave joined me for a little weight training.  We did 5 rounds of 400m run (treadmill) followed by 15 overhead squats.  I did my 400s really conservatively, greater than 10:00/miles and did my overhead squats with 35 pounds.  My core - abs and back - were torn apart from pregnancy so it's going to be a long process of getting them back.

Tuesday - off

Wednesday - 3 miles run/walk
Again today I followed the plan of 3 minutes of walking followed by 2 minutes of running.  The walks were in the 14:00s and the runs were sub 9:00s.  The last two minute segment I averaged an 8:27 pace.

Thursday - 3 mile run
And this is when I said enough of this walking shit.  Walking takes too long and I just wanted to get the workout done.  The runs from earlier in the week were started to feel more and more normal so I thought that I would just run.  And I did without any walking, no garmin, and no watch.  This was a great run.

Friday - off

Saturday - 1.5 mile run; 0.5 hours of weight training
This was one combined workout of 3 rounds of 800m run, 50 back extensions, and 25 sit-ups/crunches.  The sit-ups were supposed to be full sit-ups and I was supposed to do 50 of them, but I just couldn't manage them.  I did the first round as sit-ups, second round as crunches, and the last round back to sit-ups. 

Sunday - 5 mile run
Five miles might have been a little advantageous.  Nevertheless, I did the run with minimal breaks and a good pace - 9:00/mile.

Run/Walk - 16.75 miles
Other - 1 hour of strength training

Next week I hope to get my buns to the pool.  After all, there is an aquathlon on the schedule in three weeks and if I don't practice swimming it's probably going to suck.

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