Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014 Totals

I just realized I forgot to do a year totals count of all the miles run, yards swam, bike biked, and all those super-heavy pounds I lifted.

Swim - 36,950 yards
This is equivalent to approximately 21 miles.  I didn't really do any swimming for training in 2014 so all of this was kind of disorganized.  2015 will be completely different.  I have about 1/3 of that total already in 2015.

Bike - 173.56 miles
Again, these were miles that I just pedaled basically for spinning sake.  I did one triathlon in 2014 so there might have been a little training, but really only two rides outside.  I am not quite comfortable riding outside now that I have a little one.  I want to wear a sign for oncoming motorists that says, "Be careful!  I'm someone's mother!!!"

Run - 920.58 miles
I really wanted to hit 1000 miles last year.  Shoot, I wanted to do more than that.  But I really screwed around in the first part of the year basically hoping to get through my first half marathon.  I started getting more serious as I headed into my fall marathon.  Only now am I fully serious about all my training. 

Strength - 15-1/2 hours
If there was anything I was dropping from the schedule, it was going to be a strength routine.  That's why these hours kind of suck.  Not this year.  Everything is important including the strength routines.  I will be strong.  I will be ripped. 

YMCA Visits - 142
This includes visits by all three of us since our membership is a family membership.  I certainly utilized the childcare while doing treadmill runs and some swims.  It enables me to workout and it's good for Anderson to interact with other kids and get to play.  Sometimes I feel guilty about doing it, but I know it is best for both of us.

YMCA Cost Per Visit -$7.21
After all those visits, our annual cost per visit was calculated to be under $10 a visit.  I'm cool with that.  I know it seems silly to track this, but I like to know that my money is being USED and not wasted.

I'm off to a way better start to these numbers in 2015.  I love to track these things.  I use a 12 tab spreadsheet to keep track of it.  The engineering nerd in me totally geeks out over it.  What a dork I am!

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