Thursday, January 01, 2015

Commitment Day 5K 2015

What a better way to kick off the new year than running a race.  Actually, I had a run test on the schedule and I knew I would struggle by myself on the treadmill or on the track so I knew a race would be a much better option.  Although I am not a fan of the race organization putting on this race, this was the cheapest option at less than $30 and I will always take the cheapest race.

Gosh it was cold this morning - something like 20 degree with a "real feel" temperature of 8.  Plus it was windy.  I got to the race site plenty early and took a long warm up on the course.  The course was on a trail that seemed to go incline with the wind for the first half and then against the wind on the way back.  The course included having to up and down several curbs, through the grass, a little bit of ice, lots of turns, and even some gravel.  So, not exactly a PR course.  As we lined up for the race, it was clear it was small and perhaps not as competitive as other races I've run.  There were more women, including myself, lined up on the start line than men. 

The gun went off and one of these women and her son were in my way.  The shouldn't have been in the front.  Instinctively, I laid a hand on her hip and gently moved her out of the way.  Sorry.  I started out a little too fast but I was trying to position myself well and not fall behind in the overall competition.  By the one mile mark I was solidly the third place woman and that's how I would remain.  For the next mile there was a man and the 2nd place woman in front of me within reaching distance, but I just couldn't get myself moving the way I had hoped.  I might be in shape, but I'm not sure I'm in racing shape quite yet.

The 5K is so difficult.  Well, for me anyway.  It's so fast and so hard and yet long enough that you feel like you might die.  I am better at the longer distances as I can warm up and work my way into a pace.  I feel like in the 5K you've got to start out fast and hold on.  I haven't figured out how to do that yet.  Nor, have I figured out how to start medium-fast and get faster.  I don't love the 5K but I know it's making me a better runner so I'll keep trying it.

In the end, I was the third overall female and sixth place overall.  I even got some hardware.

I wish I could have run faster but I can't complain with a third place.  The year has started off right and inline with my goals.  I've seen my training for the next couple of weeks.  It's massive and frankly, scares me, but I know if I continue to put in the work and effort great things are going to happen this year.

Happy New Year!


middleagedrunner said...

Nice job on a cold day!
I'm not a 5k fan either but in sub arctic weather it's nicer just to get done and get IN...!
Happy new year to you :-)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

5ks are tough, I find that I have to work really hard not to go out way too fast with all the crazies that I later pass as they are dying from going out too fast. I do hate it when slow people line up in front of me and they know there is no way they will be fast. Annoying. I do like passing people though.