Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Totals

I saw a few social media posts today regarding running totals in January - 160+, 180+ miles, etc.  How the hell are you running all those miles, people?  I let coach know I wanted to run more miles this year.  That was, of course, before I found out I qualified for the triathlon age group nationals but I still feel like I've been working out a lot and running quite a few miles.  I fell short of a 100 miles this month (caught a massive cold at the end of this week), but I have to admit I'm angry/jealous/wondering how the heck I can get my mileage up to that level?

And yet, at the same time, I know I don't need to be running all those miles.  When I run massive miles, I get injured.  I also set my PR back in 2009 with one of the lowest mileage training sessions I've ever done.  The longest run I did was 18 miles and the biggest week I had was 42 miles. 

Patience, Mer.  It's only January.

Here's what went down in January.

Swimming - 14,000 yards
This is approximately 8 miles of swimming.  I don't swim masters and I haven't had a swim test (yet) but I feel like I'm swimming pretty well.  I love swimming and I'm glad it is part of my training again.

Biking - 101.39 miles
I had two bike tests this month - one at the beginning of the month and one just yesterday.  I'll post about that in a few days.  I've been learning about training with power, about threshold workouts, about my actual limits on the bike (still yet to be found).  I still don't love the bike, but I have high hopes that this year will be different - that I will have a breakout year on the bike.

Running - 96.82 miles
Gosh darn it!  So close to 100!  I only got in 5 miles (thusfar) this week as I caught a stupid cold and it hurts my head to run.  The weather has sucked this month but any time I could get outside I would.  I've had some TOUGH, quality runs this month - the longest being just shy of 14 miles.  I'm really happy with where my running is right now for the season.

Strength - 3.25 hours
Strength training is so easy to skip and I have to admit, some of the core routines I have blown off.  But I've really tried to combine these workouts into my training.  I've not been lifting the biggest weights, but the workouts have been well-rounded.  Arms, abs, back, legs, you name it, I've been working it.  I don't look like some of those pro chicks (yet) but I'm really happy with my body development and how the strength has been helping me with my other workouts.

Y Visits - 24
Gosh, we visited a lot this month!!!  Lots of swimming!

Cost per visit - $3.56
This kind of cost per visit makes me feel like this is money well spent.  I'm such a nerd.

I ran one 5k race in January and finished 3rd overall.  I have one race on the schedule in February and I'm sure yet another bike test or more.  See you next month.

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