Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Last Friday I finally finished reading "Unbroken".  Then on Saturday I went and saw the movie.  It was a great movie but the book was so much more complete.  I spent nearly 20 minutes after the movie filling in the details for Dave who did not read the book before seeing the movie.

I kind of have an obsession with reading the book before seeing the movie.  Like, right now I'm reading "American Sniper" before I go and see it.  No, this does not ruin the movie for me.  Sometimes it enhances the movie because you know the whole story ("Unbroken", "The Help").  Sometimes you find out the book was WAY better (pretty much all other books/movies besides the ones mentioned above).

What is your favorite book/movie combination and why?


Carina said...

Unbroken was one I begged my husband to read because I knew he'd love it. We had read it more than a year before the movie, so we enjoyed both. Usually if I've read the book recently, I don't like the movie.

Jason Bodak said...

Your review of "Unbroken" is exactly why I'm waiting till it comes out on DVD. I loved the book, and heard multiple reviews saying the movie was a very incomplete translation.

I'm also reading "American Sniper" but I am going to see that tonight, so this will be like the first time ever I don't finish reading the book before seeing the movie.

My favorite book/movie combination might be "The Shining" because both are totally different but both are masterpieces.