Monday, January 26, 2015

Week in Review

This was the first week of the month where I just couldn't get it all done.  I was so darn tired this week!  The husband took the week off work and we did what we could to the renovations in the bathroom.  (I swear I will blog about this soon.)  On top of the renovations life was still lived: kid activities, trips to the grocery, and lots of working out.  There were not enough hours in the day and at some point my body and mind said enough.  Coach even told me to take a little time off.  I still got a lot done.  Here's the highlights.

There was only swim on the schedule.  I got the husband to join me.  The workout included longer sets.  For the first set Dave swam side-by-side with me.  It pissed me off!  I have been in the pool twice a week for the last 8 weeks.  He's been in the pool zero times since his race in August.  How is he keeping up?!  Finally, I had to stop at the wall and let him go and do my own workout. 

Totals: 2350 yards

I had three bikes this week.  One was an threshold ride that did not feel as tough as the previous one.  Another was a steady state ride that went really well.  The last one was just a spin. 

Totals: 31.71 miles

The run is where I sort of fell apart this week.  I did many short runs but missed a tough run off the bike (the kid threw up everywhere and obviously being a mom comes first) and didn't do a tough tempo run.  I did have a great long run and you can read about it here.

Totals: 22.48 miles

One basic strength; one butt/hip strength; didn't do all the core work.  I weighed in recently and didn't like what I saw, but the body is getting tighter and I guess that's better, right??

Totals: 0.83 hours

And now it's rest week which means lots of swimming, a little running, and a bike test at the end of the week.

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