Tuesday, February 03, 2015


I didn't watch the Super Bowl.  Well, I watched the last few minutes when the Seahawks called the worst play in the history of worst plays.  Then I flipped to the Cooking Channel and watched "Unique Sweets."  I didn't even watch any of the commercials.  I'm so lame.

The next morning I was checking out my social media sources and my Instagram feed was flooded with all these #LikeAGirl pictures of running and biking and whatnot.  So then I searched around the internet to figure out what the heck they were talking about.  That's when I found a bunch of YouTube videos from Always.  This was my favorite:

I have to admit, it made me cry.  Such a sucker!

I found my favorite #LikeAGirl picture from a previous race I had done and posted it to Instagram.  I think the picture speaks for itself.

What's your thoughts behind #LikeAGirl?


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love the commercial and I love the message for girls. I am annoyed that some people are all down on it because it is from Always, it clearly was not an ad for a maxi pad (or whatever else) and was all about girl power, girl self esteem and such. It was just sponsored by Always.
I love your picture! You are kicking those boys butt #likeagirl!

Jeffrey Smith said...

That's a great video, Mer! Thanks for posting that. We work really hard in our house to drill that point home with Thunderclap. When he says something about being "a girl toy" or "a girl game", we make sure he re-phrases it to "something a girl would prefer". Same with doing something "like a girl". We point out specific women who are doing that thing he's referring to, and doing it awesomely and say, "you mean like that?" Making sure he has an understanding that "like a girl" or "like a boy" is only relevant when referring to functions of genitalia is an important goal for us.

And that photo of you running #LikeAGirl is awesome. You're strong and focused. And the guy behind you, running #LikeABoy is struggling with a full suitcase of hurt. So, yeah, keep running #LikeAGirl, Mer. Because when you do, you win.

Carina said...

I've had a huge pet peeve about the words wuss, the p-variation of that, and d!ck -- all used to equate women with weakness or men with jerkishness. I much prefer wimp or @sshole -- gender neutral all the way!