Monday, February 09, 2015

Week In Review

100%, y'all!  100%!!!!  I did ALL of my workouts last week including two optional workouts.  Who the heck am I???

I did three swims last week: one pretty long one and two shorter ones.  There was speed, there was a long set, there were drills, there was backstroke, and there were even flip turns. 

Totals: 5900 yards

There were also three bikes this week.  One was a cadence workout; one was a threshold workout; and one was "just" a spin.  My poor lady bits don't want to ride the bike for a few days.

Totals: 34.2 miles

I don't know how many runs I did this week.  It felt like a lot.  There were shorter runs: one off the bike and one before and after a strength routine.  There was some speed work including a shorter speed set and a longer run with longer repeats.  And then there was the long run - 14.42 miles in shorts, outside!!!!

Totals: 30.42 miles

I even did all the strength workouts.  Seriously, who am I???  This week started with a new basic strength routine that was really challenging on my T-Rex arms.  I was sore for days.  Then there were two more short routines: one for the lower body and one for the core. 

Totals: 1 hour

Another big week is coming up.  I told Dave the other day that I didn't work this hard when I was training for Ironman.  The hours might have been longer but I certainly didn't challenge myself like I am now.  Dave said he has never seen me this dedicated.  I sure hope it pays off this year.

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Anne said...

I was just thinking that my ironman training I am doing right now pales in comparison.